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Sustainability at Firfield

As a school and community, we are always striving to become more sustainable and work towards the Lets Go Zero 2030 campaign. We currently have several projects in motion including solar panel installation across the school and bidding for funding for a bike/scooter shelter. 

We are actively asking parents and guardians to refrain from parking in the non-designated zones along Firfield Avenue to protect the safety of pupils, parents/guardians, staff and local residents. As part of our pledge to improve the current parking concerns, we are in the process of obtaining parking buddies and are also looking at parent parking pledges to gain support across our school.

We encourage as many parents as possible to use other routes of transport to and from school to support our sustainability goals. We work with the ModeShift Travel representative from Derbyshire County Council, Rob Bounds, to continously look for ways we can improve our approach to climate change. We ask that parents reduce their carbon footprint by either walking, cycling or scootering with their child into school. We are always looking for ways to make sustainability more appealing to our pupils and arrange meetings with the local community to support this such as a meeting from a local PCSO. 

We hope that you will join us in supporting our goals to become more sustainable and will endeavour to improve current lifestyle habits when it comes to school and sustainability. Thank you for your help with this. 


Let's go Zero 2030 - schools working together to be zero carbon