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Being a Governor

All the Governors are committed to offer time and support to the school. We do so by working together and with the Head Teacher to ensure the children get the very best from their time at Firfield.

In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all governing bodies, the three core strategic functions of Firfield Primary School Governing Board are:

  • ensuring clarity of vision, ethos, and strategic direction;
  • holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

As Governors, we are expected to attend full Governing Body Meetings and various sub –committee meetings.

These meetings happen during the school terms, and are also attended by the Head Teacher and other nominated members of staff. The meetings are arranged around times (normally out of school hours) to suit Governors. The sub-committees consist of two groups, Resource Management (RMC) and Curriculum, Teaching & Learning (CTL).  Governors can decide which group(s) they wish to participate in.

Within these two committees named governors are tasked with specific school and curriculum associated responsibilities. In this way information can be fed back for the benefit of the governing body as a whole, providing an invaluable insight into the working of the school.

Governors are provided with an Agenda in advance of each meeting so that we are fully aware of the issues to be discussed. In order to prepare for a meeting, we are also required to read through any relevant supporting documents. During the meeting(s) Governors are encouraged to put forward their views on the issues under discussion. The topics can relate to any number of different areas for example; school policies, Ofsted inspection, development and curriculum plans, staffing and financial matters, to name but a few. It all depends on the nature and content of the meeting.

Every April the Governing Body is responsible for agreeing the school's annual budget.

The Governing Body are a friendly and structured group, passionate about the school and supporting all those connected with it. With over 400 pupils, Firfield is one of the largest Primary Schools in Derbyshire.

The current Governing Body as at September 2022 is detailed below along with the committees and roles they participate in:

Name Type of Governor Link Committee Start Date End Date
Mr James Yellop
Staff   Both 01 Jan 2019  
Mr James Tolson Co-opted (Staff) Policies Curriculum 12 Dec 2018 11 Dec 2022
Mrs Ashley Oates
Co-opted Behaviour & LAC Resource Management 08 May 2019 07 May 2023
Miss Rachel Tittershill Co-opted (Staff)   Resource Management 03 July 2019 02 July 2023
Mr James Stafford
Chair of Governors
Local Authority Curriculum Both 03 July 2019 02 July 2023

Mrs Rosie Poutney

Sub Chair

Parent Safeguarding & Anti-Bullying Curriculum 07 April 2020 06 April 2024
Mrs Olivia Dale Co-opted SEND Curriculum 24 Sept 2020 23 Sept 2024
Miss Sophie Maskrey Co-opted Pupil Premium & Sports Premium Resource Management 09 Dec 2021 08 Dec 2025
Mr Haydn Wheeler Co-opted Numeracy Curriculum 09 Dec 2021 08 Dec 2025
Mrs Victoria Beardmore Parent Literacy Resource Management 18 Jan 2022 17 Jan 2026
Dr Corinne Poland Parent PSHE & RSE Curriculum 18 Jan 2022 17 Jan 2026

Mrs Dee Hill 

Vice Chair of Governors

Co-opted GDPR & Health & Safety Curriculum 03 March 2022 02 March 2026
Mrs Barbara James Co-opted Finance Resource Management 03 March 2022 02 March 2026


Parent Governor



Staff Governor





The governing body has re-constituted and its new Instrument of Government has been approved by the Local Authority. This is listed below:-

1. The name of the school is Firfield Primary School.
2. The school is a Community school.
3. The name of the governing body is "The governing body of Firfield Primary School".
4. The governing body consists of:

- Four parent governors
- One LA governor
- One staff governor
- One headteacher
- Eight co-opted governors

5. The number of governors: 15
6. The term of office of all categories of governor listed above is 4 years.
7. This instrument of government comes into effect on the day of making, replacing the Instrument of Government made on 14th February 2006.
8. This instrument was made by order of Derbyshire Local Authority on 16th June 2015.
9. A copy of the Instrument of Government must be supplied to every member of the governing body (and the Headteacher is not a governor).

Details of the Code of Practice and Performance Standards can be found in the 'Code of Practice & Standards' section.

Declarations of Interest for the year 2022-23:

James Stafford - Trustee of Long Eaton and District Scout Council; Trustee of Umbrella, Derbyshire

Ashley Oates - Partner/Sole proprietor of Chilled Beans Yoga and Massage

Mrs Dee Hill - Vice Chair of Governors at Cotmanhay Junior School, Governor at Asbourne Hilltop Primary and Clerk to Governors at Millford Primary, Ladycross Infant and Nursery and Ripley Nursery School

Governors who have resigned or terms of office have finished during the last academic year:

Name Type of Governor Role Start Date End Date
Mr George Crombie Parent   5 December 2017 4 December 2021
Mrs Kate Richardson Parent   7 December 2020 15 November 2021
Mrs Lucy Noonan Co-opted   1 September 2020 11 November 2021
Mr Graham Robertson  Co-opted Chair 8 May 2019 14 October 2021
Mr Roger Farr Co-opted Vice Chair 8 May 2019 14 October 2021
Mrs Jan Donoghue Staff   6 May 2020 22 July 2022

Should you wish to become a governor or if you have any questions about the governing body, please address any correspondence to:- 

Clerk to Governors / Chair of Governors
Firfield Primary School
Firfield Avenue
DE72 3EG

Tel: 01332 872216