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School Vision and Values

Our Vision

The Firfield family aims to provide every child with the best possible education, through a holistic, exciting and creative curriculum with committed and caring staff.

Our Values

The governors, staff and children at Firfield Primary School have chosen the following words that we all value in education.

Family, nurture, safe, respect, teamwork and enjoyment!


At Firfield Primary School we aim to develop happy, independent learners with a lifelong curiosity, enquiring minds and desire to learn. We aim to offer an exciting, creative curriculum full of enrichment, through which we aim to develop confidence, resilience and encourage personal challenge. Through collaborative and active learning we want our children to grow together and be confident to achieve their ambitions.


We will ‘Learn Together’ by:

  • Learning to support and respect each other, to understand our differences and treat others how we would like to be treated.
  • Being ready to learn, be engaged in the curriculum and have a thirst for new skills and knowledge.
  • Learning to be safe, everyone acts in a safe manner and the environment is a safe space to learn and grow.

We will ‘Grow Together’ by:

  • Building an open and welcoming community where each person feels valued.
  • Growing into Firfield citizens, developing personal qualities such as confidence, resilience and ambition. 
  • Creating a climate that is supportive of all members of our community.

We will ‘Achieve Together’ by:

  • Fostering positive attitudes to learning and high expectations of all members of our community.
  • Using a variety of teaching and learning approaches that show respect and acceptance of each pupil’s uniqueness.
  • Ensuring that our attitudes and values are transmitted through the curriculum.


Our school rules are – Ready, Respectful, Safe

At Firfield Primary School high expectations of learning, behaviour and respect for each other underpin everything we do.  We want our pupils to be ready to learn and to be safe at all times.  Our staff strive to create independent, articulate thinkers and learners who have confidence to achieve their ambitions.