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Our Learning

Our curriculum values the integrity of each subject within the National Primary Curriculum and ensures progression and challenge within each subject

Each subject within the national curriculum offers a unique and distinct way of viewing, understanding and describing the world. Each subject has its own distinct body of knowledge, vocabulary, skills and concepts which, when taught well, afford children a different perspective on the world in which they live in. At Firfield, we know that our children need the experience of looking at and learning about the world in as many ways as they can, building-up a rich bank of diverse knowledge, skills and experiences, that they use to make connections between different areas of learning. This understanding is progressively built upon in each subject area as children move up through the school. The content of all subject areas has also been carefully sequenced to ensure that children revisit 'strands' of learning within particular subjects as they progress from EYFS through to Year 6.

Our curriculum is inclusive

At Firfield Primary School, we aim for every child to have a sense of belonging. We recognise the contribution of every individual in the school community. Firfield is an inclusive school in which pupils of all abilities and from all cultures and backgrounds are valued, and their achievements matter. The good progress of all our pupils is of a paramount importance. It is our aim that all pupils will make progress towards their individual targets. Parents will be well informed about their child’s progress so that we can work in partnership to celebrate success and overcome difficulties. Any pupils experiencing barriers to their learning will be rapidly identified and action taken to overcome these. We look to create an ethos of achievement and a climate of high expectation in which children’s broad range of talents, abilities and achievements are valued. 

Our curriculum is focused on wellbeing in order to encourage independent and emotionally resilient learners

To become effective learners and overcome the many challenges they will encounter both inside and outside of the classroom, we know that children need to build their independence and resilience. In order to do this, we know that children need to be and to feel included, and through this to develop a sense of belonging. This involves children developing a growth mind set, self-regulation strategies and adopting positive learning behaviours, underpinned by the knowledge that they have a ‘voice’, the vocabulary necessary to articulate what it is they want to say and the knowledge that their voice will be heard. 


Here is a video of our recent Curriculum Evening to explain the changes that we have made to our curriculum and the journey we are on to enhance the education of our pupils at Firfield. 


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