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Mission Statement

  • F     FAMILY    
    We aim to be a happy, welcoming community where everyone is encouraged to develop their potential within a caring, safe environment.
  • I      INSPIRE   
    We strive to inspire our pupils through a purposeful curriculum which is fun, practical and challenging, through which they develop skills for  life long learning.
  • R     RESPECT   
    We promote respect for ourselves, each other and the environment, wherever we are.
  • F     FOCUS     
    We strive to focus on the education of the ‘whole’ child, where every child is valued and cared for, their views and heritage are respected and where children are at the heart of all we do.         
  • I      INDEPENDENT   
    We aim to develop in children the confidence and self belief in their own abilities to become independent learners, taking ownership and responsibility for their learning.
  • E     EXCELLENCE  
    We strive for excellence and enjoyment in all we do!
  • L      LEARNING   
    We believe that successful learning needs a creative, stimulating and nurturing environment in which to flourish.
    We aim to develop all of our pupils; to successfully educate, inspire and enrich them as our future generation.