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MFL - French

Under the new curriculum it is statutory to study a modern foreign language in Key Stage 2.

Our aim is to encourage enjoyment and understanding of a foreign language through speaking, listening, reading and writing. At Firfield Primary School, we have chosen to follow the Monkseaton Scheme of work which promotes all of these skills using topic based activities.

We begin in year 3 with simple naming words such as days of the week, progressing to reading a traditional fairy tale in year 4 and then on to writing a script for a café role play in year 5. By year 6 the children are expected to write and say a grammatically correct paragraph about the clothing they would take on a holiday.

We use many cross curricular activities as the children sing songs and rhymes, create bar charts about their favourite pets, investigate the history and route of the Tour de France and use beebots (mini robots) to plan routes through a French town. We taste food, watch DVD clips, discuss cultural differences and play a wide variety of games to enhance our learning. We also have excellent links with our secondary schools and take part in activities with their exchange students.

All children in key stage 2 have a weekly French lesson.

Year Group


Topics Covered

Year 3


Geography of France


Numbers 0-20

Classroom objects

Days of the Week


The Hungry Caterpillar

My family

Year 4


Numbers 20-60


The Three Little Pigs

Daily Routines

Months of the Year/Festivals


Reading and writing a French story based on ‘L’année de Berthe’


Year 5


Telling the time

School subjects

Food and drink (inc creating a café)

Euros (inc numbers 60-100)

Parts of the body


Year 6





St Lucia (French speaking country)

Following and writing recipes

Creating a revision booklet ready for secondary school