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Let's Get Going

Lots of people create animations and games and put them up on the SCRATCH website and the best thing is that you can see what code they have used by clicking the SEE INSIDE button.  Why don’t you find one you like and have a look? Do the instructions make sense? If you were the computer would you know what to do?

I like this project where someone has coded the crossy road game in scratch:


We have been making our own computer games in Code Club.  The link below takes you to one of my games, which you may like to play.  If you click on the SEE INSIDE button you can see all my code.  It looks pretty complicated because I built it up a layer at a time, like making a house out of Lego.  Why not try changing the code to change the game? You could increase the time on each level? You could add another costume to each sprite so they still have my code but they look different – how about a balloon instead of a fox?  Could you work out how to add another level, with new sprites? What about adding a Big Boss level?

Want to learn more?

This website will teach you about coding and debugging –

Make Your Own App

There are lots of tools out there to help you make your own app for phones and computers.  At Codeclub we learn a language called Python that lets us code apps, but you can make an app with little coding experience.  Click on this link to see the app that Joseph from Firfield School made, it tells you all about Toothless the Dragon:

Toothless the Dragon

You can make your own information app by going to:

Make an App