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Graham Robertson – Chair of Governors

Children’s Safety and Parking on Firfield Avenue

In the interests of safety and local community respect and relationships, I would ask that all parents/carers park with due consideration to local residents and adhere to the displayed parking restrictions. The school  website also hilights  the dangers and consequences of illegal parking, for more information please refer to the STP 'School Travel Plan'

Free School Meals

The Universal Free School Meals for all Reception, Year 1 and 2 children is now a well-established lunch time operation. I would remind parents that this initiative is in addition to the previous Free School Meals scheme and would ask that parents whose children are entitled to Free School Meals in line with the attached criteria, use the online application system. This process is completely confidential and for every entitled child, the school receives an additional £1300.00 per year from the Government under the banner heading "Pupil Premium". Last year alone this amounted to some £39,000.00. Such money is targeted at providing additional learning opportunities eg. maths club, spelling club, interventions as well as equipment and resources that may otherwise not be available or accessible.

School Attendance

In the first part of this school year there has been a significant increase in the number of unauthorised applications for leave. These are mainly for family holidays that have been booked during term time. Governors full understand the financial savings of holidays taken outside of school time but cannot over emphasise the detrimental effect this can have on the children's long term educational achievement, especially at primary level. The Governing Body will continue to monitor attendance with Mrs Smith and the nature of all future requests for leave.

Governor Vacancies

There is a vacancy on the Governing Body for a Local Authority Governor, if any parent is interested then please contact the school office for further details. A full list of governors and their respective responsibilities can be found under "Meet the Governors" and "Committee Membership".

Governing Body Annual Statement

The annual statement for the past year - 2016/2017 can be found on the Governors' section of the website under it's own heading.

Graham Robertson – Chair of Governors