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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Our EYFS Leader is Jess Tolson



At Firfield Primary School we believe that all children deserve the best possible start to their school life in order to enable them to reach their full potential. Therefore, we strive to provide an ambitious and engaging EYFS curriculum which allows the children to develop as individuals and become well-rounded world citizens. Throughout the year, the children will develop knowledge and skills to enable them to think critically and creatively, and begin their journey to becoming resilient, independent learners. We will deliver an EYFS curriculum which is accessible to all children, regardless of their level of development or SEND.



Our long term plan is based on the curriculum map set out by the Primary Knowledge Curriculum (PKC). This is followed throughout the school, and provides an excellent foundation of knowledge for pupils within EYFS, which is then built upon as they progress through school. The curriculum is carefully planned and sequenced to ensure that knowledge and skills are broken down into small steps, whilst still maintaining an element of desirable difficulty. Thus ensuring that the children are appropriately challenged in order to make good progress in line with their developmental needs. 

The curriculum in EYFS is a challenging and exciting one, which follows a topic-based approach, in which all aspects of the curriculum are interlinked. This allows us to provide a rich and stimulating curriculum that is holistic and enables the children to make links between what they are learning and build upon skills and knowledge that they have already mastered.



At Firfield Primary School, the children in EYFS will demonstrate high levels of engagement in both child-led and adult-led activities. By developing speaking and listening skills, we are enabling the children to be confident communicators, who can articulate their needs and learning. We strive to develop determination, resilience and perseverance when tackling challenges and more difficult learning, allowing every child to flourish and thrive. The children will develop a sense of the wider world and draw on their own experiences to make links with their learning. They will also be able to apply their knowledge and understanding to a range of situations.

By the end of the EYFS, children will have made good progress from their starting points, therefore achieving a Good Level of Development, and many of the Early Learning Goals. Children will transition into Year 1 with key knowledge and overarching concepts to enable them to access the requirements of the National Curriculum. They will leave EYFS with the best foundations to prepare them for a life-long learning journey, helping them to live happy and successful lives that are both fulfilling and rewarding.