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Committees 2015/16

Following the re-constitution of the Governing Body earlier this year, the number of committees has reduced from three to two from September 2015.  The committees and membership is listed below:-

Resource Management Committee Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
Mr Graham Robertson - Chair Mr Graham Robertson - Chair
Mrs Nicola Smith Mrs Nicola Smith
Mr Anthony White Mrs Kate Cross
Mrs Jan Donoghue Mrs Dionne Barton
Mr Roger Farr Dr Jas Atwal
Mrs Ashley Oates Miss R Tittershill
Mr Kevin Miller Mrs Lizzi Geeson
  Mrs Hazel Marlow
RMC is responsible for :- Curriculum, Teaching and Learning is responsible for :-
Personnel Curriculum
Pay Assessment
Finance Curriculum Policies
Performance Management Teaching and Learning
Building and Premises School Prospectus
School Policies Website
Recruitment Induction
Exclusion SEND
All DCC Policies linked to the above Pupil Premium
Lettings Exceptional leave
Educational Visits Lunchtime Supervision
Complaints Homework
Health & Safety including medicines and first aid Uniform
  Visitors in School

Each sub-committee meeting will be allocated 1.5 hours per meeting.  These will run consecutively CTL 6.00-7.30pm and RMC 7.30-9.00pm.  Committees will work through the required activities together sharing out responsibilities but not needing an actual named governor for each area but with working party groups to cover - Effectiveness of Middle Management, New Curriculum and Raising Attainment in Maths, English and Science.  However, named governors will have specific responsibility for the following:-

Safeguarding including SEND/Disadvantaged children (including pupil premium and children in care) - Graham Robertson
English - Kate Cross and Dr Jaz Atwal
Maths Focus for 2015/6 - Roger Farr
Science - Anthony White
Assessment and Data Management - Dionne Barton
Health and Safety - Roger Farr

The role of coming into school to observe lessons, speak with co-ordinators and carry out learning walks will be able to be taken by governors who have the opportunity to do so during the day.  Other governors who have work commitments who cannot get into school during the day, can take on other roles such as writing up pieces for the school newsletter, checking policies and the prospectus and carrying out questionnaires or surveys on behalf of the governors, analysing the results to feed back to sub and full committees.