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Children's Projects

​​Our children are really enjoying the Coding Club as well as their coding lessons in class and we are going to use this page to share some of their projects and ideas. All you need to do is open the link on a computer (that supports Adobe Flash player) and press the green flag

Our year 6 class created their own songs in Scratch, why not listen to song 1 or song 2. Can you click on the Remix button and change their songs?

We enjoy making all sorts of computer games using the program Scratch.  Here is a simple Balloon Game made by a year 5 pupil.  How many balloons can you pop?

A chatbot is a program that can ask questions and react to your answers.  We have coded chatbots at Code Club and with Year 5 (chatbot 1 and chatbot 2). You can get your chatbot to ask specific question and keep by adding a score you can turn it into a quiz.  Year 6 have enjoyed creating quizzes, why not try their Random quiz, or a Maths quiz or even a Science quiz.  One of our children came up with this random Times Tables game to help him and his peers learn and improve their maths. Why not have a go?   Can you make a quiz to test someone in your family? You get to decide what background you want, like the blackboard in this Maths quiz.

You can use Scratch to create Christmas or Birthday cards.  Why not try remixing one of our cards? Card 1, Card 2, or Card 3. Don’t forget to turn the volume up on your computer so you can hear their Christmas Songs!

What about making a Christmas story  instead? Or maybe you could code a story about princesses and knights?

Want to try Scratch at home?  Download the instructions below and try these step by step projects.