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In September 2014, the DfE removed assessing with levels for children in Primary schools.  Schools were encouraged to create their own non-levels based assessment system. The Senior Leadership Team have spent time looking at a wide range of different approaches and options. In line with the New Curriculum, teachers will be covering all requirements for their specific year group.  These are called ‘End of Year Expectations’ and all families in school have already received a copy of these. (You will find these as an attachment which can be downloaded from the area’ Our Curriculum’ on the website)

Each year group from Year 1 to Year 6 have specific targets for their year in: Maths; Speaking and Reading; Writing and Science.  As children make progress throughout the year, teachers gather evidence as to which targets the children have met and record this on trackers three times per year.  This information is then shared with parents to inform them whether their child is meeting year group expectations using the terms: beginning, developing, developing+, secure and exceeding.

Below you will find attached the targets for each year group from Year 1 to Year 6 for Maths, Speaking and Reading, Writing and Science. Reception uses a slightly different tracking system which is also attached below.