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Annual Statement 2016/17

Despite reducing the constitution of the Governing Body from 19 to 15 Governors, this has not had a detrimental impact on the work of the Governing Body and Governors remain committed to the continuous improvement of the school.

In addition to the regular day – to – day contact with the school, Governors have followed a series of individually agreed targeted visits throughout the school year; meeting with co-ordinators and pupils, observing sessions and looking through the relevant development or maintenance action plans and evidencing impact of the work undertaken.  

Results this year across the school continue to highlight how the school has successfully completed another educational year. Despite budget constraints, the school is equally well placed to meet the challenges of 2017/18. The integrity, social well being and educational results at the school all remain open, accountable and strong.

Achievement and school attendance go hand in hand; the school will continue to promote the importance of good attendance in a fair and reasonable manner. This past school year’s overall attendance was 96.61%, which remains above the attendance rates locally across Derbyshire and Nationally.

Pupils, staff and parents are to be congratulated on this year’s test results as these remain above national and local outcomes. As always the school and Governing Body will work together to continue to push toward the next level.

Particular attention is paid to the Disadvantaged at the school by way of Pupil Premium Funding and its associated strategy and how the money is spent, allocated and managed, and most importantly the continuing outcomes for the pupils involved.

Likewise School PE and Sports Funding is closely controlled and administered to ensure the best possible outcomes on the children’s physical well being and enjoyment. Despite the lack of facilities and green space, the school provides an incredible number and variety of sporting opportunities. This year the school received the Sainsburys ‘Silver Sports Award’ in recognition of the work undertaken in this area of school provision.

The most recent (May) paper based Parent Questionnaire provided an extremely positive response to the various questions asked. The Questionnaire was returned by over a 100 parent families. The results were sent out to all families and can also be found on the school web site.

The relationship between the school and Breaston Parish Council is very much one of shared values and interests, typical examples being this year’s ‘Flowers in Bloom’ competition , plans to celebrate / commemorate 1918 and the end of WW1 and discussion about the future use of the school field.

The Governing Body is totally supportive of the school’s continuing ability to find ways of funding projects that enhance the quality of education, care and enjoyment of the children and at the same time improve life and facilities for the whole school community. An essential part of such efforts are provided by the PTA who can always be relied upon to commit to important projects beyond the school budget.

Thanks to the PTA, the school has now purchased 32 I Pads to complement the improved Networking/Wireless infrastructure introduced during this school year and support and enhance the learning opportunities for children across the school.

This year saw various improvements to the environment of a more general nature; new blinds in the old building classrooms, additional external storage and redecoration of identified classrooms.

Plans for next year include installation of a net roof over the ball court and potential re-decoration of the school hall, including new drapes and curtains. The Governing Body together with the Parish Council are looking at ways in which the school field can be put to better use.

The Governing Body are very aware of the social challenges and pressures that families face and the teaching and financial demands placed on the school the government. Great importance is given to the children’s health and safety in and out of school including online safety.

 In support of such ideals it is pleasing to report that the school has been awarded a national ‘Stop Bullying Award’ that recognises excellence in identifying, preventing and responding to bullying. Also attention to the very latest safeguarding initiatives with the introduction of a Positive Mental Health Policy and further training for all staff as part of the local cluster of schools for later this term.

The school moves into the New Academic Year with a fully subscribed number of children in the Reception Classes, proof as in previous years, of the school’s reputation and popularity.

The school and Governing Body will continue to support and promote the teaching of British Values and what it means to up-hold such values, by encouraging the children to be good and purposeful citizens.

The Governing Body remain totally supportive of the Head teacher, Mrs Smith and all of her staff and are equally reassured with the positive relationship that exists between the school and the Derbyshire Education Authority.

Graham Robertson
Chair of Governors