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Maths Workshops Feedback

Maths Workshops Positive Feedback

Following the success of our Maths Workshops which were held recently, we have received a lot of positive comments and feedback from parents.  Listed below are some of the comments received.

Positive comments from Key Stage One parents workshop for maths November 2015

“It was great to talk to teachers and get ideas for things we can do at home to ensure we are consistent with classroom methods.”

“The visual element of the presentation helped me gain a greater understanding of how my daughter is taught.  Overall, it was very helpful.”

“Every part of the evening was useful!  It was nice to have activity tables after the main presentation.”

“Wonderful!  Please offer this again!”

“It was a relaxed evening that was very clear and organised.”

“There was a good mix – the presentation was a useful overview plus it was great to see the resources as well as having an opportunity to talk to the teacher.”

“The objective was absolutely achieved: very insightful.”

“The most useful part was the presentation of methods taught and an explanation of key terms used.”

“There was nothing to improve upon!  It was very informative, with useful explanations and the hands on activities to have a go with.  Many thanks to all of the staff involved, it was very much appreciated!”

“It was very useful chatting to teachers who could tell me where my Y2 child needs to be!”

“The evening was well planned out!”

“Being able to talk to staff helps to reinforce what the children are doing.  It was a brilliant evening and I feel much more confident in supporting my children’s learning.”

“I think there should be more evenings like this.  It was brilliant!”

“It was useful to see all the different ways to teach maths.”

“This evening was brilliant!  It has definitely helped my understanding.  Please do this again as it will really help to confirm to parents how much the children are learning and what we as parents should be expecting of them.”

“Thank you for giving up your time tonight!  It has improved my maths 100%!”

“It was useful in helping me understand how maths is taught so that we can help our children with their homework.”

“I think everything was covered perfectly!”

Positive comments from Key Stage Two parents workshop for maths November 2015

“We found going to individual sessions really useful.”

“The illustration of the methods used to teach in the classroom was really good.”

“The whole evening was a great success and very helpful!”

“We especially liked the practical tips given to help us help our kids!”

“I especially found the division presentation useful.”

“I thought the introduction to the new maths curriculum clear and concise.”

“The workshops were really useful, especially in helping me to understand the variety of methods my daughter is using for addition and subtraction.”

“I learnt about the different methods being taught in school and how I can reinforce these at home.”

“I didn’t realise there were so many methods to use.  The evening showed the bigger picture and what the children are working towards.”

“I though the problem solving and division workshops were really useful.”

“I enjoyed the whole of the evening.  Thank you!”

“I thought using place value counters to help children understand division was really useful.”

“I now know how different operations are being taught and how to help children understand the methods used.”

“I thought the session on how to help our children at home really useful.”

“The whole evening was very informative.  I especially liked how to use practical equipment and now it is for children to experience alongside the written methods.”

“The problem solving workshop was really useful.”

“Thank you for giving up your time for this.  It was very useful!”