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Sports Funding 2015/16

     2015-16 PE Sports Funding

For the academic year 2015-2016, the school received £9440 inSports Funding. Please see the table below on how the money has been spent.

Linked to termly plans
  • Staff using planning from FGS where appropriate
  • Lessons/blocks planned and 
    on the server for staff to access
Staff meetings led by AH to keep staff up to
date and link support from FGS to our development of PE delivery.
£5,000 year 2015/16
2 days a week
  • Planning provided
  • Staff observing lessons
  • Support to PE co-ordinator
  • Curriculum support
  • Inter school competitions
To provide competition and
curriculum support opportunities for children across the key stages
  • An awareness of different sporting opportunities.
  • Curriculum Support in key stages 1 &2
  • Curriculum development and accessibility for all pupils
  • CPD for teachers through curriculum support staff
  • NQTs to attend courses
  • PE co-ordinator to attend courses
  • PE co-ordinator to lead staff meetings developing planning and intra school opportunities
  • AH to introduce planning website
  • AH to collate planning
  • AH set skills based curriculum/sports for each year group
Courses are part of the Affiliation Package
  • Staff to be secure in delivery
  • Staff to have professional support and examples of outstanding planning to adapt for their year groups
INSPIRE (IN CONJUNCTION WITH SN) Inspire programme run by Derbyshire CC.
4 children to attend; boost confidence,
take capabilities to stretch themselves and
gain confidence, transfer skills to support learning, work with a mentor when in school, attend 2 full days at Lea Green outdoor Centre.

Mentor to be released to meet other mentors and plan approaches
Less confident children to access opportunities otherwise not available to them. £400
  • Children to gain confidence
  • Have targets
  • Increase skills both social and emotional
  • Take responsibility for themselves and others
  • Competitions
  • Curriculum support
  • Festivals
  • School Sports Crew
  • Leadership Training
  • CPD
  • Leadership (child led)
  • Sports Mark award
  • Termly PLT (Primary link Teacher Meetings)
  • Curriculum Support
  • Inter School competitions
  • Dance, Rugby, Hockey curriculum support
Inclusive in SSP Gold Package
  • In both key stages;
  • Pupils compete at other schools
  • Pupils access specific skills based festivals and competitions
  • Pupils have opportunities to access team and individual sports
  • Pupils access curriculum support blocks of sport delivered by specialist staff
  • At the end of blocks of games units
  • Intra house or class competitions
To be implemented by class teachers FGS in advisory capacity
  • Pupils experience; competition
  • Pupils demonstrate Fundamental Skills
INTER SCHOOL Firfield Primary School attends competitions in a variety of sports ranging from gymnastic festivals, cheerleading, tennis, netball, rugby, sports hall athletics and cricket Ongoing throughout the year Linked to School Sports Partnership Gold Package and Super 6
  • Fitness
  • Fundamental Skills Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Developing self esteem
  • Having fun!
SAINSBURY SCHOOL SPORTS AWARD Silver award gained in September 2014 and sustained in 2015
  • SEN focus to develop an inclusive curriculum /planning development
  • Opportunities to further our leadership programme
  • Curriculum Development
  • Coordinator to moderate planning for SN pupils.
  • Increase equipment for SN pupil access
More children involved in Mini Leader Training
SUPER 6 Competitions as part of our family of Primary Schools   Transport and teacher cover to venues allocation for all competitions is £940
  • Fitness
  • Fundamental Skills Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Developing self esteem
  • Having fun!
  • Mini Leaders Sports Activities
  • KS2 morning Break
Sustain a greater number of pupils so that ‘Leadership Opportunities’ are accessible to more pupils Training from Curriculum Support Staff inclusive in our Affiliation Package
  • Children as leaders
  • Pupil Voice
  • Three pupils to attend a meeting termly.
  • Return to school with a leadership task.
  • Present in assemblies.
  • Organise activities and initiatives with peers
  • Ongoing throughout the year
  • Autumn term Road to Rio
  • Blogging
  • Intra school Challenges
  • School Sports Notice board
  • Funded through School Sports Package
  • Pupils aware of world and international sports.
  • Pupil voice.
  • Leadership.
  • ‘Promoting School Sports’ at Firfield