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Redwood Class

Welcome to Redwood Class! 

Mrs Swallow is our class teacher and we have lots of adults who work in our room to help and teach us.  It’s very busy in Year 5 as we have a lot to learn. Because we are now in Upper Key Stage Two, we have more responsibility for ourselves and have more opportunities to develop in many areas. We still need to read at home and we appreciate our parents and carers reading with us and fill in our school diaries.  We know we need to be more independent but we also need to remember to talk to our teachers if we are unsure or have worries about anything – they like to try to help before we worry too much!

In the Autumn term, the topics taught include “Does my mummy live in a pyramid?” (A History topic on Ancient Egypt) and “Is there anybody out there?” (A science topic on Earth and Space).  We will also study forces during our science lessons. During this term, we start swimming lessons at West Park Swimming Pool as well as participate in dance, netball and hockey lessons.  Our French work includes telling the time and applying it in context.

The Spring term’s topics include “WasCrime Always Cruel and Punishment Always Painful? (A history topic on crime through the ages) and “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” (A very exciting science topic on reproduction).  During this science work, we will actually raise chickens from eggs in our classrooms and we also have the opportunity to look after them at home! In RE we will be finding out what local people in Breaston believe.  Our P.E. lessons will allow us to develop skills in gymnastics and outdoor and adventurous activities, as well as continuing our swimming lessons until February half term.  In French, we will study food and drink and the cost of things in Euros. In ICT, we will continue our work on Safer computing.

In the Summer term, the topics covered include ‘Are rivers always raging?’ (A geography topic focusing on the water cycle, learning about the journey of a river from its source to its mouth, and also the uses of rivers) our other topic will be “Why is New York the Big Apple?” (A geography topic on New York). Our RE weeks will allow us to think about creation stories from different religions as well as visiting a local mosque in Derby whilst finding out about The Five Pillars of Islam.  In French, we will take part in role play and creating our own French café film with menus.  In addition, we will design our own monsters and learn the vocabulary for different body parts. During P.E. we will develop skills in athletics, volleyball, and gymnastics (with a focus on bridges).  We are also fortunate enough this term to attend Friesland University where we carry out Music exploration sessions, ICT and practical science lessons.