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Autumn Term 2021

Business & Enterprise

Year 1

Our enterprise project in Year 1 was to hold a Christmas Market. Due to Covid restrictions, we had to hold a ‘virtual’ market where we sent order forms home for families to place their requests. We made invitations and posters to promote the event and all the products for sale. We discussed the price and how we can make a profit. The children had lots of fun creating the different items. Altogether we raised £364 to go towards our WOW of our animal topic, Oreo and Friends.

Jobs & Careers

Year 1

We visited Warwick Castle in October. During our visit we looked at the different rooms in the castle and how people would have lived in these times. The Bowman was shooting arrows at a target and we spoke to him about his job and how he would have protected the castle from enemies.

Year 2

In the Autumn Term, Mrs McFarland came into Year 2 to talk to us about being nurse. First, she shared what she had to do to become a nurse and how long it took. Then, she told us about what she does in the hospital and what her responsibilities are. We had the opportunity to look at some of the equipment she uses and the uniform she has to wear. We asked lots of questions and made comparisons between being a nurse today and being a nurse when Florence Nightingale was alive during the Victorian times.


Year 5

In the Autumn Term, Year 5 had a question and answer session relating to four different job roles to help them think about what they would like to do in the future. We were joined by a midwife, a hotel manager, a pharmacist and a professor. They were able to share the different paths children can take to reach their goals and how rewarding it is to help people everyday in their jobs.