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Girls’ Football - An interview with the team

1. What were the scores and who were you playing against?

The scores were: - 3-1 against Ashbrooke (w) - 1-1 against Sawley (d) - 4-2 against Dallimore - And we won the final against Chaucer

2. Who was on the team?

Ruby I, Emma B, Freyja C, Jasmine S, Belle P, Honor W, Isla L, Millie S, Melody M and Olivia M.

3. How did it feel to win?

It felt amazing because we only thought that we could get to the knock out stages. We’ve never seen Miss Trigg so happy!

4. Were you nervous?

A few of us were but not everyone because it was scary but everyone’s adrenaline levels were high. We just couldn’t wait to get on the pitch.

5. Where did you play and was it good?

We played on the astro pitches at Kirk Hallam and it was so fun! We had so much support from teachers, helpers and parents and were just so glad we could make them proud.

6. Do any of you play for a club?

Some of us play for Derby County Ladies and others play for Phoenix Football Club.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. This has been Emma B reporting for Firfield Journalist Crew.

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