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Basketball Tournament

On December 4th, a talented bunch of Year 5 and 6 pupils attended Kirk Hallam Community School to take part in the annual basketball tournament. Pupils had been chosen based on their talent and abilities demonstrated as part of the Autumn Term Basketball Club at Firfield. Determined to put all of our knowledge of the game into practice, we were ready to get started.

Our first match saw us up against stiff competition in the already-warmed-up Hallam Fields Junior School. We got off to a very slow start and, despite creating multiple chances to score baskets, we just seemed incapable of getting the ball in the hoop. With 1 minute to go, finally the deadlock was broken as we squeezed past opposition to win 6-0.

The next match was slightly more competitive to say the least. Against Ladywood, pupils came up against aggressive and somewhat violent play (a style that pupils were just not used to). Struggling tremendously to begin with as Ladywood ripped the ball from our hands and shoulder-barged with no referee whistle, we had no choice but to play them at their own game. This paid off as Firfield came into our own, winning 10-4. Evie R and Freyja C put the boys in their place in defence while Charlie F did the job at the other end, scoring basket after basket.

In order to qualify from the group stages, we had to win our last scheduled match against St. Thomas. This was done in emphatic fashion as we romped to a 10-0 victory. Stunning performances and a real sense of determination shown notably from Spencer D, Jack S and Freddy P, putting Year 5 skills on the map!

Chaucer qualified from Group A and were our final opposition. Demonstrating a sense of teamwork, Firfield managed to defeat Chaucer in a rather decisive 16-6 victory.

Overall, a spectacular effort from all involved. Basketball County Finals 2018 here we come!

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