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Mini Leaders

Mini-Leaders Leading the Way to Pupil-Led Learning at Lunch 

As part of promoting pupil voice here at Firfield, we run a mini-leaders group every day of every week. Pupils, having had training from the School Sports Partnership, conduct their own fun activities for pupils in their own special, designated playground space. 

We have found this to be an effective way of promoting pupil leadership and encouraging confidence and self-esteem through the medium of sport. As a result, we have found pupils who wouldn’t usually get involved in such rigorous exercise during break times, going out of their comfort zone to play and be led by their peers. 

Pupils work on a weekly rota and can be easily seen on the playground in their own, red, mini-leader T-shirts.

We aim to continue to roll this scheme out throughout the course of the year due to its huge success. The mini-leaders are doing a fantastic job and are continuously responsible in their role. This is helping us in our quest to help shape resilient, confident, healthy, autonomous learners.

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