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Sport at Firfield: Why Competition?

Here at Firfield, we value healthy competition as an important way of developing holistic learning. Such focus allows children to grow in confidence and competence. We are currently working with Soccer Stars for Years 1, 2, 3 and 4, offering a Year 1/2 Hockey Club with a view to inter and intra-school competitions, Year 5 Playmaker Award Club and Year 5/6 Netball and Basketball clubs.

Each club, designed with a competitive edge, is available for participation for all pupils in the respective year groups. This is not only highlighting the importance of physical activity, but helping to promote and instil values – you have the opportunity to do anything if you put your mind to it. In previous years, where competition has been used as a teaching and learning tool, motivation has been enhanced.

Built on the ‘fair play’ foundations during PE lessons, at Firfield, we have found that pupils have a greater zest and hunger for sport when competition becomes a stimulus. This has helped to raise aspirations as we now have 40 pupils on our mini-leader program (in comparison to 26 last year and 16 the year before that!), have been inundated with interest for all clubs and have now been able to offer a Playmaker Award Club for pupils who are interested in taking their sport leadership skills further.

When Year 6 pupils were asked how sport and physical activity made them feel about themselves, they explained:

“It makes me feel healthy, like I’ve got more energy.”

“After we have done the Daily Mile, I feel like I can concentrate more, especially in the afternoon!”

“I like doing competitions. I’m a really competitive person anyway but it makes me feel proud to represent my school in different sports.”

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